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Photomatix Pro
Photomatix Pro is an image editor aimed to improve the quality of the photos. If you are always taking photographs with a bad contrast and you know that even with the best exposure a photograph can have light issues. The program offers two ways to solve this problem. The first tool you can use is to merge differently exposed photos into a single image with larger size. The second tool serves to reveal details of the images that have light and contrast, in an HDR image.

IcoFX is an application that assists graphic designers in designing icons, images and cursors. It is a licensed tool that can be used for free during trial period without any registration. Its various tools help in editing existing icons and managing them for different platforms. It was released in 2015 for Windows operating system and is written in Delphi programing language. Its developer is Attila Kovrig who has integrated features of his another application, AniFX, in this software. It is an efficient application that can be used easily by both professionals and novice users, owing to its simple interface.

Adobe Muse
Adobe Muse is an efficient website builder that can help you design a website from scratch. Whether you’re unaware of how to build a website or want to save time, this software can help you out. With the help of its intuitive user interface, you can access various options to design an attractive and user-friendly site in no time. It’s a trialware and you can use it for free for a limited time. Developers launched this software in 2012 and it works with Windows operating system. It’s available in 19 different languages so that users can conveniently use it.

Blender is a free and open-source 3D computer graphics suite. It helps you create 3D models, add visual effects and develop full-length animated movies. It has a comprehensive user interface that comprises of a wide range of tools and options. You can read its manual to learn about its features and contact their customer support service as and when needed. Blender foundation released this software in 1998 to facilitate beginners as well as professional users. It provides an online repository where you can upload your projects. It works with XP and all later versions of Windows OS.

Autodesk 3ds Max
Autodesk 3ds Max is an advanced tool that is suitable for modeling, animation and rendering of objects in different scenarios. It is mostly preferred by the professionals who are associated with the development of video games or create animations for cinema and movies. However, beginners can also get started with the help of tutorials and use its features due to its well-categorized menus and easy to use options. It is a paid tool that occupies good enough space on system memory, but as compared to its lots of features, it is not a big deal.

CoffeeCup HTML Editor
CoffeeCup HTML editor is suitable for both beginners and experienced Web designers, with an intuitive interface that’s considered a top contender for the easiest-to-use HTML editor on the market. Creating error-free websites is really simple with CoffeeCup’s code validation tool and tag reference sections. CoffeeCup offers a wide range of work options like quick start and quick view,

Picasa is a free application that helps you organize, edit, and share images. You can easily import image files from your PC and external storage devices. You can also convert your pictures into short movies or screensavers. It offers basic editing options so that you can enhance the quality of photographs. It efficiently detects empty or duplicate albums and helps you free the memory space. You can compress stored files to further save space. Lifescape Inc. launched this software in 2002, but Google Inc. acquired it later. This user-friendly tool is compatible with XP and all later versions of the Windows operating system.

FantaMorph Pro
Abrosoft FantaMorph offers drag and drop function for quickly inserting pictures. It is capable of efficiently identifying face and facial features in an image. You can later use these facial features to create a new virtual face by customizing them. In order to manually define the areas for implementation of animation effects, you can use green colored dots for pointing out the areas.

PhotoScape is a very useful image editing tool. Despite its very simple graphical user interface, it offers all the functions that should be present in a good tool. You can easily view and edit all your images without worrying about compatibility issues. Its simplicity enables new users to use its features for converting their images to high quality.

Hippani Animator
Hippani Animator is a vector graphics tool capable of creating high quality videos, apps and animations mostly for websites and mobile phones. It is rich in terms of functions and provides advanced options for web designers, web developers and mobile app developers. It is a great tool for creating user friendly content that can run even on older browsers.