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Opera 58 is a user-friendly web browser that improves the online experience for users. It possesses an intuitive interface, which is why it’s the top choice of beginners as well as experienced users. Developed by Opera Software AS, this web browser works with almost all versions of the Windows operating system. It comes equipped with a myriad of functions. It offers built-in support for various messenger applications and protects your personal data from unauthorized users. It also contains a free VPN service and battery saving option. The software also offers support for private browsing so that you don’t leave behind any traces of internet browsing.

Atomic Email Studio
Atomic Email Studio is an appropriate application for users who wish to expand their business by promoting it to worldwide users. It allows you to create custom Emails and Newsletters with available templates and forward these to multiple users at a time. Contact lists can be maintained to speed up the process and thorough monitoring can be performed to keep an eye on the results. The software offers its online servers for sending mails, verifying contacts, managing lists and tracking delivery. You can make use of its advanced features to take your business to new heights.

UltraVNC is a professional application through which you can control desktop of connected PCs from remote location. It requires a password to authorize connection. It ensures that your PC does not slow down while you are monitoring other systems. You can install it quickly and avail its benefits.

ManyCam is a professional Windows application that enables you to communicate with your friends, family and colleagues in an appropriate environment. A lot of tools and effects are available that can be used according to your requirements. It can also work as a security camera due to the support of IP camera and motion detector. You can turn it on and enable Emails to get notified whenever any suspicious motion is detected in your absence.

Torch Browser
Touch Browser provides more facilities apart from letting you use internet. You can visit webpages, download content, manage downloads, get torrent videos, enjoy online games, listen to music, customize the look of browser and add attractive themes to your Facebook. It is a great choice for fun loving computer users.

BitComet is a well-known BitTorrent client that allows you to download multiple torrent files from any supported website quickly. It is an efficient tool that can work very fast on Windows operating system. It is a freeware that supports FTP and HTTP network protocols. Being a hybrid downloads manager, this works by P2P file sharing. It is a stable computer application and is capable of downloading all types of files. While downloading the software, the setup asks to download some other free tools as well. Therefore the users must be careful in choosing the required download options.

PureVPN is a paid cross-platform application capable of increasing security of systems. Whether you want to switch your IP address or develop resistance against online threats, it can prove to be an effective solution. The activities performed after the service is enabled are not logged anywhere, thus users can carry out their tasks without worries of getting tracked.

Yandex Browser
Yandex Browser is an effective browser that gives you a secure web experience in a compact interface. It can import settings from compatible web browsers and can synchronize your search results by letting you log in through your account. It lets you safely surf internet with the help of its advanced security tools which ensure that your PC remains safe from malware.

Tixati is a lesser known BitTorrent client through which peer to peer file sharing is possible. It ensures the security of shared data by encrypting it with advanced techniques. Bandwidth allocation can be configured deeply to avoid bottleneck issue and transfer files with ease. Content sharing with specific group of users is made possible with Channels. Moreover, you can stream video and audio by creating personalized channels.

FindNow App
FindNow is an app tailored for smartphones that allows you to track other users of the app from your phone. The app is categorized under the social category of apps. The aim of the app is to make sure you are safe by allowing your loved ones to keep track of you any time. The app keeps track of others by displaying their location on a map.