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Notepad++ software
Do you still use Notepad app and are looking for a more advanced editor? Then you should try out Notepad++! Notepad++ is a text editor as well as an efficient source code editor. You can download Notepad++ with the help of its installation wizard. Notepad++ requires around 2.9 MB of hard disk space. But what […]

WinRAR software
WinRAR is a useful file archiver that helps you manage files. You can now compress large files to save memory space and easily share large files via Email. The software is compatible with a myriad of formats and lets you extract the contents of compressed folders conveniently. It’s a lightweight utility that performs operations at […]

When you want to share a confidential file with your friend over the internet, you may worry about its security. In order to make the connection secure, you can use a specialized tool, such as OpenVPN. It’ll increase data security and protect the information from unauthorized users. User Interface The intuitive user interface of OpenVPN […]

You may already be aware that Java 13  is a programming language. In order to write Java-based applications, you need specific applications. Java Early Access platform facilitates you to develop programs and deploy them conveniently. Java technology is used everywhere. From smartphones to PCs, printers, medical equipment, webcams, and car navigation systems, you’ll find it […]

uTorrent 2020
BitTorrent is a communication protocol, based on P2P file sharing. uTorrent is one of the most popular clients of BitTorrent through which you can share large files with your friends via the internet. Its basic version is available for free. You can buy its Pro version or ad-free version to enjoy additional features. How to […]

TeamViewer is a software that is fully featured with business which allows remote access and shared meeting. It connects people, things and places around the globe on the broadest array of technologies and platforms. The software has been built to be used on both the PC and the mobile platforms. It is a cross-platform software […]

Viber is a resource-efficient communication application. It’s a cross-platform tool that works on PCs as well as mobile devices. With the help of this software, you can easily talk to your friends present in different corners of the world. Make Phone Calls Viber brings the world close. You can now stay connected to your family […]

Internet Download Manager
Features: Internet Download Manager IDM enables you to download files at very fast speed, schedule the files to be downloaded, pause or resume download and manage multiple queues of links to be downloaded later. You can run the site grabber to download all the files from a website at any location on your PC. The […]

A VirtualBox or what is commonly known as VB is a powerful computer virtualization product. It is a computer software installed on a computer operating system, allowing you to run multiple operating systems simultaneously on your computer. VirtualBox allows installations of additional operating systems known as Guest Operating systems or virtual machines run virtual environment. […]

Microsoft .NET Framework
Most people only find out they need it when trying to run a newly installed app that requires Microsoft .NET Framework to run. Microsoft.NET Framework is a programming framework developed by Microsoft to help app developers create apps more easily. Microsoft.NET Framework is a collection of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) and a shared library of […]